Currency Magnet D.I.YA Rupee for your thoughts? I thought I’d continue the first week with a quick and easy project that involves both travel and craftiness (and is super fast!).

After returning from a trip abroad, I have the bad habit of carrying foreign coins in my wallet which eventually find their way to the bottom of my bag and finally to my change jar. Since most banks and exchange bureaus will only take your paper bills for currency exchange, I have a bit of loose foreign change piling up.

The coins are great souvenirs of the places visited, but not the easiest to display. So when I saw that my mom had made magnets out of her foreign change, I followed suit. 

The supplies you’ll need:

  • Foreign (or not) coins, various shapes, sizes, metals
  • Metal polish (optional)
  • Paper Towel/Dish Towel
  • Dish Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Small, Round Magnets – smaller than the size of the coins you’ll be applying them to. Found at your local craft store.
  • Super Glue – I used Gorilla Super Glue (Make sure the kind you use says that it bonds to metal) 

Steps to take:

Currency Magnets How To


  • Sort your coins – choose the designs, shapes, sizes you want to use.
  • Clean – Fill a bowl with warm water and a drop or two of dish soap. I used an old tooth brush to scrub the dirt off of each coin, but a sponge or paper towel would work too. Thoroughly dry each coin.
  • Adhere magnet to coin – Use just 1-3 drops of your super glue on the back of the coin and press the magnet to coin.
  • Let the glue dry – My glue only took about 5 minutes to dry.
  • Polish coins (optional) – I polished up some of the older coins, especially the copper ones. I polished the coins after I glued them to the magnet so that the polish residue wouldn’t affect how well the glue stuck to the metal surface.

And, Voila!

Currency Magnet Finished Product

Shiny, new magnets to display travel memories and to hang postcards from traveling friends. Enjoy!