Any city gives off it’s own unique spectrum of colors. It may be different to each individual’s eye – but the sights, sounds, temperature, tastes and smells of every city visited can leave a colorful impression, which, when put together, create an inspirational palette from which to draw creativity for decorating, crafting, dressing and more.

Paris in the fall, for example, reveals deep reds, blue hues, burning gold, soft cream and classic black in my mind’s eye. Take a look at these Parisian inspirations, and closer to home interpretations and ideas.

Deep Reds – a warming and rich French red wine enjoyed with dinner, the lovely fall jacket of a passerby, the lipstick smudge on your coffee cup as you sit and read in a little café.
Blue Hues – The rose windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the rich tones of the wallpaper in your hotel room welcoming you in for your stay, the tiled Metro signs.
Burning Gold – The gilt frames of the endless masters in the Louvre, the polished fixtures adorning the Paris Opera House interior.
Soft Cream – the foam on your latte warming you up after a day of sightseeing, that soft, buttery cheese that melts in your mouth.
Classic Black – The view as you look up from directly below the Eiffel tower, those chic leather boots that lady on the metro was wearing.

Parisian Palette
Found in translation, closer to home:

Paris at HomeTop Row, left to right: Red Jacket, $64.99. Gilt Mirror Necklace, $20. Simply Shabby ChicTM Belle Bedding Collection, $28-85.49. Center Row: Make baked brie en croute, Watch Paris, Je T’aime, Make or buy a beret, $25.00. Bottom Row: Wallpaper Motif Scarf, $25.00. Black Leather Boots, $198. Chateau Plate in Blue, $12.

Up later this week…Ghosts of Halloween Costumes Past (or How I learned to Sew)!