Good morning! Just a quick post to add this year’s Halloween costume to the list. As I mentioned last week, this one didn’t need any sewing but it did involve a lot of d.i.y. power. I went as a classic “LiteBrite”! (Pictured with my pal, Lady Gaga. ha.)

Lite Brite Halloween Costume

Here’s what I did: 

  • constructed a box with an angled front out of foam-core board and hot glue.
  • created a design for the front of my LiteBrite out of graph paper and determined how many pegs I would need.
  • ordered refill packs of Lite Brite pegs (luckily they arrived in time!)
  • punched holes into black mat board (thicker and sturdier than poster board) with a screw & screw driver
  • superglued the pegs into the holes
  • Cut a trap door in the back of the box & affixed 2 camping headlights to the door with white duct tape
  • hot glued the black mat with the pegs onto the front of the white box
  • attached a “back” to the box with hot glue so that it wrapped around my mid-section
  • attached black elastic straps with hot glue then reinforced with white duct tape
  • To finish off the costume, I teased out my hair, wore obnoxious amounts of blue eyeshadow & bright lipstick, wore a black turtleneck dress, and grabbed two-tone tights from American Apparel (one blue leg, one green leg).Lite Brite Halloween Costume [Pictured below with Lady Gaga. ha ha]

    I saw lots of other great costumes at the parties I went to, including a life-size Lego man, the Italian & Chorizo sausage from the Brewer’s Racing Sausages, a Jelly Fish, characters from “The Family Guy”… even Paula Deen from the Food Network! I love how creative people get with their costumes and this year was exceptional.