A great way to get creative and crafty is to take one thing (old or broken) and make it into something completely different and new (and add value)! Also known as upcycling in the green/eco world, this is an ever-growing trend as the environment and waste issues have become an Worn Again Eurostar Walleteven bigger topic. Now tie it into the travel industry and you’re in business. Literally.

Worn Again has embodied the upcycled practice by taking old materials from some of the biggest names in travel and turning them into fashionable clothing and accessory items to sell for profit and fund-raising for Anti-Apathy (a charity that supports sustainable living).

The company’s newest line, Bon Voyage, takes retired Virgin Airlines Hot Air Balloon material and turns them into sporty jackets, bags and the like. They’ve also picked up old uniforms from Eurostar and turned them into everything from wallets to bags to iPhone protectors. A great transition from travel industry materials to travel consumer goods.

Worn Again Upcycling Process

You also have to hand it to them for approaching their production with transparency and ever improving responsibility. They work to leave as Worn Again Bon Voyage Women's Jacketsmall of a carbon-footprint as possible and now produce their wares in the U.K., despite the challenges of production costs, output and competitively pricing their goods.

Check out WornAgain.com to get their full, delightful story. Now how to get my hands on one of those red jackets!

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Up later this week…trying my hand at a little upcycling action.

- Colleen