In preparation for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d stay a little closer to home for this installment of Places & Palettes…I’ll be taking a little road trip to my family’s cabin, Walled Lake Lodge, in Northern Michigan where most of my family will congregate for the long weekend.

Walled Lake Lodge is everything you’d picture in a cabin set on a lake in the middle of the woods…but with plumbing and heating (which is fine by me).
Walled Lake - Winter View from the Cabin

The guys will most likely be out in the blinds on the hunt for their prize bucks while most of the gals will hang out with the nieces & nephews, play games, catch up, read and maybe get a project or two in. And of course, all will enjoy way too much food.

So, as I’ve mentioned, any place visited leaves a different color impression on every individual, here’s what comes to mind for me at Walled Lake Lodge at Thanksgiving…

Deep Red – Spiced wine, Hunter’s Plaid; Minnetonka Moccasins from the Trading Post in the U.P.
Burnt Orange – Fall leaves; The fire as it burns in the stone fireplace
Brown – Hot apple cider; Deer & Elk, Wild Turkey Feathers collected on walks to the gate & back
Dark Green – The pine trees that line almost the entire drive through the Upper Peninsula and into the Pigeon River Country Forest
White – Most of the time there’s already snow on the ground; A cozy wool blanket to keep you warm from a cool draft that might find you as you sit and read.

Found in translation, closer to home:


Top row, left to right: Vintage Woven Textile, $125. Red Plaid Ruffle Coat, $179.95. Feather Necklace, $40. Center row: Vintage Hudson’s Bay Blanket, $85 or New $289. Jersey Cowl Scarf, $24. Original Deer Paper Sculpture, $120. Bottom row: Feather Hair Accessory, $15. Handmade Plaid Hat, $115. Vintage Minnetonka Moccasins, $36 or New, from $39.95

Have a safe, warm and colorful Thanksgiving!

- Colleen