Two. Turtle. Doves. Turtle Doves. Gift ideas inspired by all combinations of the phrase. Today’s gifts are pretty literal interpretations of the second day of Christmas…anything from tree trimming dove ornaments, to delicate soaps or the soft touch of a hand-knitted turtle toy for that special little one. Take a look!

Two Turtle Dove Gift Ideas
Top row, left to right: Upcycled Vintage Carry-On Bag, $69.95. Knitted Turtle Pattern, $6. Turtle Dove Soaps, $26. Middle row: Charley Harper Lovey Dovey Card, $16 for 2. Turtle Doves Cocktail Ring, $10. Handmade Dove Ornament, $15. Bottom row: Handmade Turtle Scarf, $27. Love Birds Print, $28. Vintage Turtle Dove Earrings, $4.75.

And as a different alternative, I tried a combination of the two – Turtles & Doves. Here’s the gift ideas that emerged…
Turtle Neck & Statement Necklace

A simple green, turtleneck dress ($40) combined with a hand-made statement necklace ($49.50) for the gal that has a style all her own.

Magnet Board and Magnet on Flee Fly Flown

A handmade sea turtle patterned magnet board ($30) and a few dove magnets ($4 each).

Plush Handmade Toys on Flee Fly Flown

A handmade “scared” turtle ($15) & birdy ($10) plush toy for the kiddies to play with.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

- Colleen

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