Of course I have to talk about some bright, shiny gifts for the giving (and drool over) for the fifth day of Christmas.

Here’s my top 5 picks that run tof pricing and have a little gold ring (and bling) to them:

1. The Kensington gold ladies watch by Nixon rounds out any outfit, $120.
The Kensington ladies watch by Nixon on Flee Fly Flown

2. Three little paper airplanes for the wanderer…this idea maybe isn’t as “round” as the others but it does go around the neck, $69.99.
Paper Plane Necklace from Modcloth on Flee Fly Flown
3. A nice gold, handmade ring of rings, $50.
Gold Ring on Etsy featured on Flee Fly Flown

4. Not quite a full circle, not quite a horseshoe…but a nice take on “hoop” earrings all the same, $48.
Gold Earrings on Etsy featured on Flee Fly Flown

5. Bangle bracelets are always a fun party accessory in any amount, including 5 at a time, $23.
Gold Bangle Bracelets on Etsy featured on Flee Fly Flown

Bonus! Why not complete the whole wonderful package by giving a new gold ringed jewelry box to go with those gold accessories? $44.
Gold Ringed Jewelry Box from Anthropologie featured on Flee Fly Flown

Enjoy these golden rings to give you a few gift and wish list ideas for the gal who likes a little sparkle in her outfit.

- Colleen