I took things in a slightly different direction for the sixth day of Christmas. I’m sure you’re probably getting a little sick of the bird inspired gifts, so I went with more of the goose and laying part of the equation, that is…bedtime, pajamas, goose down and the golden eggs geese lay of course!

Hopefully these cozy items will inspire your wish list or gifts for loved ones.

Six Geese a Laying gift ideas on Flee Fly Flown
Top row, left to right: Soft & warm bathrobe, $128. Golden goose egg metallic flats (alternative to slippers!), $10. Feather light chemise, $88. Middle row: Thermal Shirt, $24. Goose down quilted robe (for those of you saving energy by turning down the heat! Plus it’s classier than a snuggy, ha.), $89. Traveling Circus pajama pants, $48. Bottom row: Down comforter, $89-$149. Golden goose pillow cover, $25. Cirrus bedding in cream, $48-$208. 

Stay warm, it’s negative wind chills here!

- Colleen