On the eighth day of Christmas, there’s Maids a Milking…either in the kitchen or not, there are a lot of great dairy products out there. From vintage looking ice-cream makers to soft and creamy hand-creams, there’s all sorts of inspiration for amazing gifts. Several of these gifts are maybe a bit more out there, but for the right person on your list, they could be perfect.

Eight Maids a Milking…

Eight Maids a Milking on Flee Fly Flown
Top row, left to right: Milk Hand Cream, $21. Porcelain Milk Bottle Vases, $25 (Thanks, Sara!). Moo Print, $25. Middle Row: Mini Milk Jug Necklace, $19. Give the gift of home milk delivery! Prices vary, google your city. Cheese Board, $115. Bottom row: Great Grilled Cheese book, $12. Vintage-inspired Ice Cream Maker, $169-$229). French Riviera Milk Bath, $5.

Enjoy! Much more to come…will fit in the last few days so you still have time for shopping!

- Colleen