On the ninth day of Christmas, ladies, it’s time to don the headphones, put on a good beat, get that foot tapping and the next thing you know you’ll be having a full-on dance party. Take a look at these wish list / gift ideas to make it happen. Maybe tell your gents to take note?

Nine Ladies dancing…
Nine Ladies Dancing on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Shiny, pretty headphones (I want! I need!), $58. Long leg warmers, $16. Guitar pick necklace, $8. Middle row: Gotta have them dancin’ shoes, $128. David Bowie Let’s Dance vinyl record, $5.50. Turntable in a suitcase, $160. Bottom row: Pat Benatar Record album coasters, $35. Get you moving t-shirt dress, $30. Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses, $69.

Get into the beat!

- Colleen