I’m taking it easy this week and I hope you are too, but I did want to provide a little inspiration for your New Year’s Eve outfit (ladies). There’s still time to head over to your favorite local boutique or vintage shop and find something shiny & pretty to add some sparkle to the night (just keep in mind, sparkle in moderation):

5. Go for the gold heels, $88.95.
Chinese Laundry Sparkle Heels

4. Gold glitter half hat, $99. Maybe not for everyone, but if there’s one night you really want to have fun with your outfit, New Year’s Eve is a great place to start. Create a little vintage glamor in this half hat.
Gold Glitter Half Hat on Flee Fly Flown

3. Gold fish scale vintage belt, $20.
Gold Vintage Belt on Flee Fly Flown

2. Bits-of-ice bracelet, $48. I’m obsessed with this bracelet. Just enough sparkle.
Bits-Of-Ice Bracelet from Anthropologie on Flee Fly Flown

1. Black feather & silver brooch clutch, $58. Check out the additional images, I love the green lining!
Feather & Broach Clutch from Etsy on Flee Fly Flown

Happy New Year!

- Colleen