Well it’s the 5th day of the new year. I’m not quite sure how 2009 is already over, but ready or not, here comes a new decade. I’m not really the new years resolution setting type, but instead, I try and set a focus or theme to each year.
A few things are shaping this year’s focus for me…this blog, for one. But also the fact that I’m finding myself staying closer to home with no international travel plans for the first time in a while. With that said, I have one cold winter to get through without the promise of a beach getaway or european adventure. Bummer on many levels but it’s also time to go to work, focusing my energy on creativity, reflecting on the places I’ve been and how they’ve inspired, as well as exploring my domestic surroundings. And a little bit of living vicariously through friends and relatives.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to travel, create or a combination of the two from what you find here!
It’s going to be sort of a “reset” year. Coming back to the things I loved doing when I was younger, exploring cities in the U.S. that I’ve never been to or don’t remember because I was too little, and keeping the creative juices flowing by having a project going at all times.
Look out for destination highlights, travel themed projects and a few other tricks up my sleeve in the days, weeks and months to come.
So what’s your focus going to be? And if you do want to set a new year’s resolution, but not sure where to start, maybe this little tool Monina Velarde created can generate one for you (or add your own!)…enjoy!

New Year's Resolution Finder by Monina Velarde on Flee Fly Flown

Happy 2010!

- Colleen