Even though I don’t have any international trips planned at the moment, I can still dream of packing for one, right? And share my favorite travel packing essentials for said imaginary trip? Yes? Great.
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel throughout Europe for both work and play in recent years, and have honed my packing skills along the way. So, say I was packing for a little city adventure to Stockholm in May. These are some of my tried and true items that I’d be sure to include in my suitcase to help make the packing easier, and complete the simpler outfits I tend to bring:
Big Scarf I tend to dress in a lot of layers on trips abroad since you can never be too sure what the weather will be in Stockholm in May. Pashimina-type scarves are a good way to add another layer along with a little color.Etsy Scarf on Flee Fly Flown
Gray/Butter hand woven scarf, $170.

Silver Earrings – Don’t bring the super expensive stuff if you don’t know what the security will be like in your hotel room. Silver (or gold) basics still add shine and sophistication for work or play.
Silver Earrings from Etsy on Flee Fly Flown
Left to right:
Vintage crystal bead earrings, $10. Sunbeam crystaline earrings, $21. Silver disc earrings, $26.

Longchamp Bag – I have worn so many of these out! I usually take a big handbag as my carry-on but don’t always need it for my day-to-day once I’ve arrived in my destination. These bags pack so flat, and carry SO much. Throughout the day as you buy souvenirs, store your umbrella, carry your water bottle, snap a photo, etc. it all fits. Best part about these bags is they’re (usually) cheaper abroad, so I typically stock up on them as I pass through duty free shops in the airports.
Longchamp Bag on Flee Fly Flown
le Pliage bag – 10″x10″ long handle, $145.

Wedge Heals – Great for dressing up any outfit while still being able to maneuver most old-world cobblestone streets. Maybe stick to the flats for your full day of walking and sightseeing but great for a night out on those slick, uneven streets where stilettos tend to get caught. Usually I go for the closed-toed wedges, but these ones are fun too…plus they’re not too high which will help you avoid rolling your ankle (as I’ve learned from experience).
Seychelles Shoes on Flee Fly Flown
Seychelles wedges, $73.12 on sale.

Clutch Purse – Easy to pack and great for spicing up an outfit. Add a pop of color to your dark travel clothes for your night out at a club or fancy restaurant. Just make sure it closes securely so you don’t go losing your credit cards in a foreign country.Clutch handbags from Etsy on Flee Fly Flown
Left to right: Buckle-up clutch, $70. Gold belted leather clutch, $148. Green gathered clutch, $127.50.

Here’s a few of my other favorites:

Always have some lip gloss or color in your bag – while this may seem pretty standard to most people I am not a frequent lipstick wearer at home, but after a long flight or long day of sight seeing, a little color on the lips really helps refresh your look (and detract from tired, jetlagged eyes).
Clinique Lip Gloss on Flee Fly Flown
Clinique Superbalm Gloss, $14.

A good blazer in a neutral color is perfect for travel and home. A light gray is great for a spring trip…just bring lots of layers for underneath!
J.Crew Wool Flannel Blazer on Flee Fly Flown
J.Crew Wool Flannel Blazer, $188.

And finally – I’d probably throw a travel umbrella in my bag since you never know what the weather may be!
Travel Umbrella from Target on Flee Fly Flown
Eco umbrella, $17.99.

Now all I need to do is plan my trip to Stockholm! Sigh…a girl can dream.

- Colleen