The weather conditions in my city at the moment are 25F degrees. Overcast. Cold. Windy. The current weather conditions in Anguilla are 82F degrees. Sunny. Warm. Perfect. Can you guess which place I’d rather be right now?

As you can probably guess, I’ve got the itch for a little beach time. Since that’s not an option at the moment, I’ll move forward with at least dreaming about a warm and sunny destination by presenting the next places & palettes color scheme focused on the vibrant colors of Anguilla.

Anguilla on Flee Fly Flown

Measuring 16 miles long and three miles at its widest point, Anguilla is a small island nation just a few miles away from St. Martin/St. Maarten in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. I loved Anguilla when I visited it for one glorious day during a Caribbean cruise years back (we took a ferry from St. Martin – Marigot), but for this post, I tapped into my parent’s recommendations for their top favorites of the island since they’ve continued to return to Anguilla for many, many years.

For the most part – you come to Anguilla to veg-out on the sugary soft beaches. Bring some good books, grab a cocktail, slather on the sunscreen and soak up the sun. But in between sunning sessions, you can sample some rather unexpected culinary delights, see fish in abundance as you snorkel the reefs or explore the small island. And of course – don’t forget to let the colors of the Caribbean inspire you. Here’s what really jumps out at me from this tropical escape.

Anguilla inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

Mango Yellow:
Fruity and delicious frozen cocktails coming to you all day at the beach, plumeria blossoms, vibrant paint of the buildings in town.

Coral Pink: The doors to that cute little church down the lane, the glowing coral that catches the sun in the warm water.

Local student’s uniforms paired nicely with pink, the decor at your new favorite restaurant, the dark wood of your beach chair that you plan to leave as little as possible during your stay.

Aqua Marine:
The many hues of the surrounding ocean that you peak up at every so often from over the book you’ve got your nose in.

Butter Cream:
Beaches as soft as sugar and almost as white, the natural limestone walls of the churches and buildings in town.

And found closer to home
…items I would pack for my trip to Anguilla (if only…)
Anguilla Packing inspiration on Flee Fly Flown
Top row, left to right: Cover Up, $78. A beach bag supporting a cause, $75. Listen to Vampire Weekend, the perfect island tunes (can be purchased on iTunes or Middle row: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Mega amounts of sunscreen for my pale irish skin. Bandeau twist-top bathing suit, $78. Bottom row: Dockside bikini, Top $118 & bottom $98. Mary Alice dress, $59.99. Cheap sunglasses since I always break them, $9.99.

And lastly, as I mentioned, here’s Mom & Dad Mc’s favorite haunts on Anguilla:
Shoal Bay Beach (East) is probably the best beach I’ve ever been to. The sand is so white and soft while the water is a brilliant blue. I could spend days reading, napping and walking this beach. There’s also reefs in abundance around this area making for a great spot for snorkeling among colorful, tropical fish.

Ku Hotel in Anguilla on Flee Fly FlownKú Hotel: An all-suite hotel overlooking Shoal Bay East and near Fountain Cave. Designed to reflect the minimalist aesthetic of Miami’s South Beach, it offers a laid back atmosphere with a touch of luxury.

Hibernia: A restaurant worth splurging on. I looked at their menu and Crayfish Saute in Safron Sauce from the Hibernia Restaurant in Anguillathe Crayfish Saute in Safron Sauce looks amazing. They also have a fabulous wine list, hand picked from the owner’s trips to their favorite French vineyard as well as a gallery.

Straw Hat Restaurant: Named Straw Hat Restaurant on Anguilla on Flee Fly Flownas one of the 50 Hot New Restaurants of the World by Condé Nast Traveler in 1999, the restaurant offers delicious food, unique decor and great service.

Scilly Cay (pronounced Silly Key): Swim orScilly Cay near Anguilla on Flee Fly Flown take a boat out to this tiny coral-based outlying island to enjoy a lunch of rum punch, fresh fruit, pasta salad, garlic bread and choice of  grilled lobster, crayfish, half chicken or fresh red snapper. They keep things simple and delicious. But plan carefully, they’re only open on Sundays and Wednesdays for lunch!

If you want to learn more about Anguilla, check out their visitor website or wikitravel. Or just make your escape now!

Bon voyage,

- Colleen