Please pass the turquoise crayon!

I love to color. I love big boxes of Crayola crayons and making color choices and filling in coloring books full of mazes, connect the dots, pictures and such. Or at least I did as a kid, but I don’t do it much anymore.

As a kid we always had coloring books on road trips, flights and at the cabin where a t.v. was not to be found. Recently coloring has reappeared at the cabin thanks to my nieces and nephews, which reminded me that, sadly I don’t do it anymore.

Indie Coloring Book from Chronicle Books on Flee Fly Flown

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy coloring? It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing before starting in on a bigger project or brainstorm session. It’s an “offline” way to kill time on flights (or long delays) or road trips, coloring books & crayons are light and easy to pack,  and the finished product is fun to display on your fridge or bring for your host if visiting friends. (Or enjoy a night in enjoying wine and coloring with friends!). Plus, if you do have kids, it’s something fun to do together.

Recently, with coloring on the mind, I’ve come across more “sophisticated” coloring books too. While I love the Snoopy coloring books at our cabin, I’ve found a few other, more “sophisticated” options that appeal to my more grown up inner-kid (and in some cases, help a cause!). This fall I stumbled upon The Indie Rock Coloring Book ($9.95) which is part of the Yellow Bird Project’s efforts to support contributing musician’s charities. It’s great because you’re not only helping a good cause, but for me, it also appeals to my music tastes…who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new band or two if you pick it up! The book includes collaborations from bands such as Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!, Rilo Kiley, The National…you get the idea.

Charley Harper Coloring Book

I also received a Charley Harper coloring book for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) which is one of my favorite artists. So on a side note, coloring books are fun gifts to give. Why not send a coloring book and crayons along with a friend going on their first long-haul trip?

And here’s a few more sophisticated books for your coloring enjoyment:

The Sneaker Coloring Book on Flee Fly Flown
The Sneaker Coloring Book, $19.95

Color me Fierce Coloring Book on Flee Fly Flown
Color Me Fierce! including 6 crayons, $12.95

Fifty Favorite Birds on Flee Fly Flown
Fifty Favorite Birds, $3.95

Now seriously, disconnect from your electronics, grab some crayons and get back in touch with the right side of your brain.

Happy colorful trails!

- Colleen