I was so excited to see Jay Farrar (of Son Volt) and Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie and more!) perform their collaborative album “One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Music from Kerouac’s Big Sur” this weekend.

You might have heard their tune, “These Roads Don’t Move” on your local indie music station recently.

Thanks for the picture, Frkol!

The album was basically written over a quick 5-day period with little to no revisions, using lines from Jack Kerouac’s poem, Sea and text from his novel, Big Sur. The words are put to acoustic melodies that really set the mood for a good start to a road trip…windows open, acoustic guitar floating out into the air.

Benjamin Gibbard featured on Flee Fly Flown

The concert had good energy, the guys sounded amazing and the crowd was a nice eclectic mix of “old” and “young” generations coming together to enjoy literary legends and great musicians while drinking a good, healthy dose of PBR.

I left the concert inspired and ready to read On the Road or maybe Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.Jack Kerouac on Flee Fly Flown

At any rate – The album is a great set of words, nicely interpreted musically by the duo that’s urging me to more read books on travel while taking a good road trip (that ends well of course).

Happy trails!

- Colleen

P.S. The documentary about Jack Kerouac, on which the album is featured, is out on dvd!