Guinness on Flee Fly FlownOne of my favorite days of the year has finally arrived! No seriously, I love St. Paddy’s day more than my birthday. In honor of this celebration of all things Irish, I wanted to share a little recipe for the my favorite way to enjoy a pint of Guinness.

When I was studying abroad in Ireland, my three roommates and I found ourselves at St. Jame’s Gate Brewery (Guinness Storehouse Tour) on a number of occasions…hosting visitors, exploring for ourselves, etc. On one of those days, we had completed the tour and were enjoying our free sample of the delicious dark stuff, I noticed a woman ask for black currant in her pint and the bartender happily obliged. I asked what it was and if I could have the same and so he poured a quick dose of black currant flavored syrup into my Guinness.

Mmmmm, delicious! I spent the rest of my semester enjoying the delicious drink only to return home and find myself on a very long hunt for Black Currant Flavored Syrup (or Cassis) in the United States. No luck. It’s really hard to find at a grocery store. However, I did have a friend send me a big bottle from England, since it’s used in abundance there!

Fast forward 7 years, we’re in the present and I’m still enjoying Guinness with black currant. Even better? Some bars and pubs in the U.S. actually know what you’re talking about when asked for black currant!

It’s simple really, you only need two things:

  • Guinness (perfectly poured of course)
  • Black Currant Syrup – To taste. Start with a teaspoon. It’ can get really sweet really fast.
  • (Add half Cider and you have a Black Velvet)Guinness + Black Currant on Flee Fly Flown
  • And Sláinte!Pub hint: If a bar doesn’t have Black Currant – ask for a splash of Cherry Coke or Cherry Syrup instead!Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    - Colleen