Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter on Flee Fly FlownHow will the Easter Bunny reach us if we’re on a cruise ship? Much like the challenging question chimney-less parents face with their kids and Santa Claus, my parents often had to ease my sibling’s and my mind about traveling during Easter.

Growing up, our school spring break usually fell over the Easter holiday, and thus my family would skip town and escape the cold Michigan weather for sunnier shores. That, of course, could present challenges for the Easter bunny. But my mom (or the Easter bunny) found creative ways to keep the Easter traditions alive, no matter where we found ourselves: aboard cruise ships, around pools in Florida, hotel rooms in Hawaii – you name it, we hunted for baskets full of Kilwin’s chocolate eggs, and we dyed eggs whenever they were available (thanks to many obliging hotel’s room-service). We’d dress up in our new Easter clothes and my Dad would present my mom with a gardenia corsage.

Packing all of those special traditions was not the easiest, but my mom’s best packing trick was fabric Easter baskets. They were easy to smoosh down in a suitcase, kept their shape when filled with fake grass & candy, and were easier to hide in tight spots around a hotel room (like in the ice bucket). I’ve searched high and low on the internet to find the brand of pretty soft, fabric baskets we had growing up, but alas, they were no where to be found. I did find a pretty fabric Easter Basket D.I.Y. that produces a different but nice result than the ones I remember. These baskets would be a good route to go for packing up the Easter traditions to take on the road.

As we grew older and new families have sprouted within our family, I’ve shared Easter with friends and family either on the road or closer to home. Below is more inspiration for making Easter special, whether traveling to Mexico, Florida or even your own back yard!

Easter inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Easter tags, $3.50 for 12. Make your own, travel-ready Easter baskets. Peak inside Victorian sugar eggs, from $10.95. Middle row: Felt eggs, 12 for $20. Vintage bracelet, $34.50. Genevie the Bunny, $20. Bottom row: Librarian dress, $52. Egg dye kit, price varies. Ukrainian egg decorating kit, $26.98.

Happy Egg Hunting!

- Colleen