Check out these cool luggage tags! Eco-friendly, durable tags by Dynomighty that come in a variety of designs to help your bag jump out from the crowd at baggage claim.

When I first came across these tags, I thought the price seemed a little steep ($10 for a 2 10 pack…because I mis-read the price!!) until I did a little product research. The tags are made from Tyvek™ which is super durable and almost impossible to tear (they’re like the USPS Priority Mail envelopes that are impossible to tear open). Twenty-five percent of their make-up comes from recycled milk and water containers. The tags are made to last.

Dynomighty Luggage Tags

Bonus! When they do happen to wear out, you can throw them in your recycling bin. They’re 100% recyclable.

Tyvek & Eco-Friendly from Dynomighty on Flee Fly flown

Other cool products by Dynomighty include Tyvek™ wallets, recycled tote-bags and magnetic jewelry.

Dynomighty products on Flee Fly Flown

Happy eco-shopping!

- Colleen