Since I seem to be stuck on the topic of fabric, storage and accessories to those two categories, I thought I’d just keep going and provide a post on sewing basket essentials.
Sewing Baskets on Flee Fly Flown

Every household should have a sewing basket. Even if you don’t sew often or at all, you’ll be glad you have the supplies at the ready when your favorite shirt’s button flies off right before you need to run out the door. Think of it as your first aid kit for fashion emergencies.

Pre-packaged sewing kits are of course a good way to go. They’ll start you out with the basics from which you can add and build. The first thing I’d recommend adding, is a better pair of scissors than what comes with the kit.

Sewing Basket Contents

My own basket has come together from old and new supplies such as hand-me-downs, hotel sewing kits and a pre-packaged starter kit.

The supplies listed below can pretty much all be found at your nearest big-box craft / fabric store or check out your local fabric stores and quilt shops to help get you going (and support your local economy!).

Sewing Basket Basics

  1. Container :: I put my basket together in a vintage vanity case. You can go the traditional route and purchase a basket at your local sewing and craft supply store, or use a container, like a tin or shoe box, you have floating around the house.
  2. Sharp Scissors* :: Large and small pair.
  3. Thread :: In a variety of colors, especially black, white, gray, tan and brown.
  4. Seam Ripper
  5. Sewing Needles
  6. Pins :: Straight and safety pins
  7. Pin cushion or magnetic pin holder (amazing little invention)!
  8. Measuring Tape
  9. Needle Threader
  10. Extra Buttons
  11. Thimble

Extras & Miscellaneous

  1. Pinking Shears
  2. Stitch Gauge
  3. Taylor’s Chalk
  4. Thread Snipper
  5. Anti-Fray Solution
  6. Lint remover
  7. Fabric Glue
  8. Bias Tape
  9. Velcro
  10. Snaps
  11. Sewing book :: In case you do need a little bit of step-by-step instruction on how to sew on a button.
  12. Static Guard

And the list can go on and on. I hope this helps with getting you started for your fashion emergency kit (a.k.a. sewing basket). The size and amount of items you need can always be built upon.

Sewing Basket Shoping Clues on Flee Fly Flown

Right to left, top row: Scissors. Vintage Sewing Basket, $8. Sewing thread variety pack, $2.99. Middle row: Woven, fabric-lined basket with lid, $9.99 & up. Dumpling Dynasty Sewing Kit in a Tin, $18. Vintage train case, $35. Bottom row: Magnetic Pin Holder, $13.99. Seam ripper, $3.75. New Complete Guide to Sewing, from $23.10.

One last thing, whenever you buy a new clothing item, make sure to add the extra thread or buttons to the kit so you have everything in one spot. The next step is overcoming your fear of sewing buttons back onto garments!

Feel free to comment with additions, questions or tips!

Thanks for reading,

- Colleen

*For you novice sewers, make sure you only use your fabric scissors for cutting fabric and thread. No paper cutting with the same pair. That will dull the blade and make it much harder to cut fabric accurately!