Last night I saw the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a film about the commercialization of street art and the guy who did just that after stumbling upon the movement when his cousin, Space Invader, let him tag along on an evening of installation. Through a lot of interesting turns of events, this film by Banksy, a well known British street artist, tells the story of his unexpected shadow, Thierry Guetta and how he changed the game.

Johnathan Kim of the Huffington Post wrote a great review if I’ve peaked your curiosity.

If the film is showing in your area, which you can find on the official website, I really recommend you see it. At the very least, rent it when it’s out on dvd!

Enjoy the film!

- Colleen

P.S. Before the documentary played, they showed a trailer for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s new film MicMacs. I can’t wait to see it!