I’ve lived in Milwaukee for 10 years now and it’s definitely a place I’ve come to call home. But there are, of course, still places around town that I have yet to experience. And since I’ve been staying a bit closer to home lately with less travel, now is as good of time as any to explore some of those places that I’ve not yet been.

One such place, and a good spot to start, is a brewery tour. Now don’t get me wrong, this being the Brew City with a plethora of beer brewers, large and small, I’ve been to plenty of brewery tours. But there’s one I’ve been meaning to go to for a long time and have never gotten around to, luckily this weekend the opportunity finally presented itself.

A few of my college friends were back in town so, with none of us having been there before, we decided to go on the Sprecher Brewery tour. The process of beer and the explanation of bottling doesn’t really change, but the personal stories of how each brewery got started is always neat to hear. The story of the Sprecher Brewery started with the owner traveling to Germany during his time in the service and falling in love with their beer. After coming home and consuming more watery beer, he decided to become a master brewer and see where he ended up. Twenty-five years later, the brewery’s doing well and continuing to grow.

Sprecher Tour in Milwaukee, WI on Flee Fly Flown

The added bonus at Sprecher is that their bread and butter is actually the sale of their Root Beer along with their various kinds of pop (or soda if you’re not from Michigan). The brewery is still relatively small, but thanks to their pop sales, they don’t have as much pressure to sell their beer, so they can experiment and perfect their craft beers at their own pace.  The girls and I enjoyed samples of both the beer and the root beer after the tour in their beer garden, my favorite beers being the Bavarian Black and the Triple Abbey. I also couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of their Beer Barbecue Sauce on our way out. Yes, they got me at the gift shop.

The tour itself was cheap; only $4 for the tour and it includes 4 beer tastings and the half-pint glass pictured above. Other tours at small breweries around town have started to increase their prices making Sprecher one of the cheaper ones. Just make sure you call ahead to make a reservation for the tour, it fills up fast!

A few other Milwaukee spots I want to mark off my list include:

The Domes
Discovery World
Ten Chimneys
Pabst Mansion
Holy Hill
Ghost Tour

And further away, but still in Wisconsin:

Door County
House on the Rock
Madison (I know, it’s so close, yet I’ve never really been.)
New Glarus Brewing Company (home to one of my favorite beers, Spotted Cow)
Apostle Islands Lakeshore & Camping
The National Mustard Museum

So what are the places you’ve taken for granted in your town? Don’t forget, the museums, zoos and parks aren’t there just for tourists. Summer’s a great time to try something new and be a tourist in your own town.

Stay tuned as I mark more of these off my list!

- Colleen