In 8th grade, I rescued an unused silk screen kit from a garage sale pileSilk Screen Process on Flee Fly flown that my mom was forming in one of her many attempts to de-clutter the house. Since then, I’ve experimented here and there with silk screen printing on a pure hobby d.i.y. level, but have always wanted to take a class where I could get some hands on instruction and explanations of the different steps. Actually finding classes for a minor interest without having to enroll in art school/trade school had proven to be more difficult than I would have thought.

This past fall, continuing with my curiosity to learn more about screen printing, I emailed a local silk screen shop to see if they offered workshops. To my dismay, they didn’t…yet.

Discovery World on Flee Fly FlownWith the growing popularity of limited-run band posters and graphic tees, the demand for d.i.y. silk screen printing has, luckily for me, brought about workshops for a hobby-level enthusiast to attend. By a stroke of luck, Mike received an eNews blast about a local museum, Discovery World, that was putting on a series of adult classes during the summer, one of them being a silk screen workshop! The instructor being none other than the gentleman I emailed this fall requesting classes. We were lucky to get in as the class sold out within a couple of weeks and last night was the first of the 3 week series.

Discovery World on Flee Fly Flown

Our first session kicked off with some introductions, a lot of information about the silk screen process and its intricacies, copious note taking on my part, and finally demonstrations of the different process stages that go into screen printing. In the next 2 sessions we’ll get some hands on work and jump right into printing.

I left inspired and my mind brimming with ideas for more than just t-shirts and posters, but you’ll have to sit tight to find out just with what I end up experimenting. But in the meantime, maybe a little show-and-tell next week after the second session.

On a side note, the print production lab at Discovery World was put together by none other than one of my favorite local print shops, The Little Friends of Print Making. They’re story, which you can learn more about on Handmade Nation, made me want to experiment with print making even more.

The Little Friends of Print Making | Visit Milwaukee The Little Friends of Print Making on Flee Fly Flown
Happy Wednesday!

- Colleen