I know I’ve been on the subject of sewing a lot lately, but I can’t help myself. I’ve wanted to share this company for a while since they are the epitome of combining travel and craft.

Haptic Lab on Flee Fly FlownHaptic Lab creates quilts called Soft Maps© that are based on city maps. Using a combination of machine and hand quilting, they produce both custom and ready to purchase blankets that make such an amazing gift. The pricing for the baby quilts is surprisingly reasonable for the unique piece that you’re purchasing. The store does not yet offer a lot of inventory but it looks like they’ll have more soon.

Haptic Lab Quilt :: Washington, D.C. on Flee Fly Flown

The custom neighborhood baby blanket quilts are such a unique way to remind a growing child of home, and as they grow, teach them about their neighborhood.

Haptic Lab Baby Quilts on Flee Fly Flown

Haptic Lab is more of a design studio than quilt-maker, they also create installation pieces, wallpaper and kites of all things.

Haptic Lab Kite on Flee Fly FlownEmily Fischer is the Haptician. You can check out her story and many, many more beautiful quilts and design projects on the Haptic Lab site. Oh, and check out their blog too.

Haptic Lab Installation on Flee Fly Flown

So inspiring!

- Colleen