I skipped town this passed weekend to visit a good friend in Washington, D.C. We explored many parts of the area I hadn’t visited before (more on the actual trip later this week!), but I also have a deadline for a blanket that a friend had ordered, so I took it with me to work on in transit.

I prepped the project by doing the entire machine sewing ahead so that I would only need to work on the hand sewing while I was traveling. Finishing the binding as well as the appliqué ladybug for the little baby girl who will be arriving to a ladybug themed nursery! Put on my headphones and switch on my latest favorite tunes, and we’re in business.

In Transit: Sewing on Flee Fly Flown

A few tips for packing a TSA appropriate sewing kit for travel via plane:

–  Needles & pins are allowed, but don’t bring too many, you don’t want to spill on the plane. Be sure the needles are shorter than 4 inches (that would be one long needle!)

–  Scissors with blades shorter than 4” are also allowed, however, I typically only bring a nail clipper since the only thing you really need to cut is thread.

–  Keep it clean: Carry your project in a clean carrier in an easily accessible spot. If you eat the in-flight snack, check your hands for oil or chocolate before resuming your project.

–  Pack everything together: Don’t pack your project and sewing kit separately or at the bottom your bags if you intend to work on it in transit.

–  Be aware of your neighbor’s space: fold your project strategically so that you don’t spread out into your neighbor’s space while working.

–  Don’t forget your thread!

If you’re unsure if a tool is allowed through security or not, check the TSA prohibited items page.

Of course, these tips apply mostly for a day-time flight however, the overhead light in a plane tends to work fairly well. If you are concerned about straining your eyes, bring along that camp headlight I’ve mentioned before. The light is pretty targeted so it shouldn’t bother others around you any more than the overhead light.

Stay tuned! I have lots of great information for repeat (and first time) visitors to Washington D.C. later this week.

- Colleen