Art-o-Mat Art on Flee Fly FlownIt seemed fitting for me to blog about Art Vending machines today, especially when I received my daily Trend Central newsletter, reporting to me on the very subject of how trendy vending machines are right now. You can get everything from skin care to books to electronics from vending machines, however, Trend Central failed to mention art.

One creative, upcycled use of a vending machine is the group behind Artomat. They Art-o-Mat vending machinetake old cigarette vending machines and turn them into art dispensers. Artists from all over the world contribute their original pieces of work which are then dispensed for a small price.

The art has to remain the size of a cigarette box, but that still leaves plenty of options for what you can get. Last fall, I grabbed Artomat art out of the vending machine nearby and gave them out as favors for a friend’s wedding shower. It was a fun alternative.

When I searched online for the art vending machines, I discovered that this wasn’t just a local movement. The Artomats are all over the country, bringing a little piece of art closer to you.

Examples of the Art on Flee Fly Flown
Artists…Top row, left to right: Yoshiko Moon, Martha Schermerhorn, Jane Simerman. Middle row: Alicia Griswold, Elizabeth Schoonmaker, Ravensmoon Wearables. Bottom row:  Fawzia Khan, Catherine MacKenzie, Brandi Crye

Find one near you or perhaps you could contribute your own art! (I think I just might do this!)

- Colleen