Picking up from yesterday’s post on getting back in the saddle, let’s continue on with the bicycle topic.

While I feel like a kid again riding around town, I do have to say that cycling can produce wardrobe challenges. It’s not easy attempting to look slightly put together on a bike or thereafter at your destination, once you’ve arrived. I’m determined to still wear my normal clothes but with a few potential additions or alterations in order to avoid flashing anyone while riding in a skirt, getting a pant leg caught in the chain or a shoe lost as I cycle through an intersection.

With that in mind, the most useful thing I’ve picked up is a pair of spandex shorts to wear under skirts and dresses. I feel like I’m back on the playground with my navy blue uniform and Umbros underneath. It beats a flash of the wrong cheek though and they pretty much go unseen. Good thing leggings are in, since those are a useful accessory too.

Here are few other ideas for practical bicycle wear that will keep you looking dapper and, er, modest, while riding.

Fashion on Wheels by Flee Fly Flown
Top Row, Right to Left: Fox Top, $28.99. Dress, $60. Dark Grey Cigarette Jean, $54. Middle Row: Below the Knee Legging, $24. Shirt Dress, $58. Bottom Row: Spandex shorts, $20. Long short, $54.99. Cardigan, $29.99.
And perhaps some accessories…

Shoes and Bags for Bicycling

Clockwise, From Top Left Corner: Lady Bag, $58. T-Straps, $52.99. Coated Canvas Backpack, $58. Wingtip Skimmers, $34. Messenger Bag, $39. Oxfords, $60.

For more fashion and cycling ideas, I’ve come across a fun blog called Riding Pretty. Check it out! Because of this blog and a few others, I’m tempted to organize a Tweed Ride. Who’s with me?!

Until next time!

- Colleen