Wicked the MusicalConfession. I love Broadway musicals.

I saw Wicked – A New Musical, for the second time last week. And in my excitement, I did in fact dress in green for the performance.

Musical Inspiration from Wicked a New Musical

So while Oz and the Emerald City are not necessarily real places, they do stir the imagination and the costumes created for the broadway show are beautiful, unique but adaptable. And of course, I do love the color green. But there is more to the color palette of Oz than just shades of green, the young wicked and good witches attend the university and wear classic uniforms with blazers and skirts in turquoise and white.
The Emerald City from Wicked a New Musical

As the show progresses, they slowly turn into the characters we recognize from the traditional story. Here’s just a little bit of inspiration…I had trouble narrowing it down.

Places & Palettes from the musical Wicked
Top row, left to right: Indie-candescent Dress, $73.99. School Jacket, $148. Glinda the Good Dress, $49.99. Middle row: Ruffled Top, $16.99. Drifting by Dress, $168. Modern Witch Hat, $77.99. Bottom row: Oz-Dust Ballroom Dress, $64.99. Finer Points Lace-Ups, $150. Emerald City Dress, $138.

Enjoy “One short day, in the Emerald City…”

- Colleen