Of all my years of exploring different crafts and projects, knitting hasn’t every really been on the list for me however its cousin, crocheting, has. Wednesday, I arrived at my 2nd, part-time gig and had a few minutes to spare and one of my newly returned co-workers, Erin, was working on that very thing during her break!

We fell into conversation about crochet and I asked her if she sold her wares on Etsy and what the best way to learn crochet was and she gave me some pointers. I took a look at her blog, Fox in the Woods,  and her Etsy store and am now eager to get started. Of course, I have a few other projects to finish up first, but hopefully this will provide more motivation for getting in gear. The patterns in her Etsy shop follow the Japanese Amigurumi style which are small crocheted stuffed animals. I love them!

Fox in the Woods

Also, as I was poking around on Erin’s blog, she had posted a fun stop motion Amigurumi video. Adorable! Here’s another one from the series:

U900, the Japanese Ukulele Duo.


- Colleen