Raspberry lemonade. Cheese. Grapes. Chicken salad. A perfect picnic for the packing.

Picnic image from OnceWed.com

Photo from oncewed.com

As the summer begins to wind down and the cool weather begins to set in, I find myself scrambling to do some of the things Iโ€™ve been meaning to do all season. Packing a picnic and heading to the park to hear local bands play being one of them. Last night I did just that and found myself remembering why I love picnics and how totally unprepared I am for them. I packed a make-shift picnic in my bicycle basket and being without a cooler, picked up some pre-chilled beer to go with the food. The only thing I did have was a good blanket for the grass (my old bed cover from college).

We enjoyed our picnic anyway, however un-put-together it was, and thoroughly enjoyed the music at the band shell. And of course, the evening got me musing on fun picnic gear that I wish I had had on hand. Enjoy the inspiration and make sure to get one last picnic in before the summerโ€™s end!

Picnic Gear on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: To-Go 3-Tier Canisters, $25. Eco Friendly Picnic Set, $65. Vintage Travel Bar Picnic Set, $28. Middle row: Plaid Parasol, $28. Hawkeye Vintage Picnic Basket, $42. Cheese Serving Set, $44.95. Bottom row: Vintage Picnic Thermos, $28. Vintage Food Screen, $20. Compostable Picnic Utensils, price varies.

Happy picnicing,

- Colleen