My nice relaxing Labor Day Weekend has already been left in the dust and this fall is proving to be my busiest time of year, yet! That said, I apologize in advance if I leave the blog a little neglected over the next couple of weeks. There’s lots going on, all good and fun, but that leaves little time for providing updates.

I leave this evening for a trip to New York City with the Beau. We’ll be hanging out in Brooklyn most of the time, exploring the neighborhoods, getting familiar with our friend’s local haunts and crossing over to Manhattan at least once, to see family. I’ll be sneaking in a bit of shopping here and there, too. (Maybe I’ll run into the fashion mavens, all gathered there for Fashion Week!).

And if you can’t get to NYC any time soon, perhaps you should rent New York, I Love You. It’s the next best thing.

Fast forward 3 weeks, and I’m off to France (finally) for my textile workshop with my mom. We ended up tacking on a few days in Sweden to see our Swedish [exchange] sister and her family since she’s got 3 little ones that we have yet to meet!

In between the two trips there’s weddings, trail runs, tomato fights (yes, tomato fights) and a bunch of sewing to get done. I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop for some of your own creative escapes, but bear with me!

Until next week,

- Colleen