Canning with Haute Apple PieToday, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’m going to send you over to my gal pals’ blog, to read Katie’s post on Food Preservation. She and I, plus another friend, Lizzy, have been taking classes at the Urban Ecology Center this summer. We had a little canning party a few Sundays ago to test out our skills. We made Blueberry Spice Jam and Raspberry Strawberry Jam. Both turned out nicely for our first try outside the classroom kitchen. All the lids popped!

I took a sample of the finished products home for a taste test with my family. I’m pretty sure they were just being nice, but they all seemed to enjoy the freshly made condiments!

Tomorrow is actually the final class, Pickling Summer’s Fare. I can’t wait!

Also, as Katie pointed out, I seem to notice a lot more blogs, classes and articles about canning lately. I caught an interview with Mrs. Wheelbarrow on NPR last week and have been enjoying her blog since.


Check out Katie’s post, here.

Check out our Master Canning instructor, Annie’s, blog, here.

Check out Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s site, here.

And have a delicious day!

- Colleen