New York City is another spot I’ve frequented throughout my life, but of course, have yet to conquer completely. With family from the area, growing up, we’d make a visit at least once every other year. I have fond memories of seeing my very first musical, Big River, at age 6, having a shirley temple at the Rainbow Room around 10, my first solo Subway ride in H.S. (how independent I felt) and bridesmaids dress shopping for my sister’s wedding in college.

A view of Manhattan from Brooklyn on Flee Fly Flown

Of all the miles and musicals covered in Manhattan over the years, I had never been to Brooklyn, or any other borough for that matter, until my latest visit earlier in September.

The Beau has traveled to the Big Apple for work on several occasions, but never really had a chance to enjoy it, and since I hadn’t been back for a few years, we thought it a good time to re-visit. And just our luck, a friend of ours was kind enough to let us take over his apartment for the weekend, smack dab in the heart of Brooklyn. I almost felt like I lived there.

Our schedule and list of things to do was loose. We took our time, explored and got to know the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, shopped and ate. Caught up with friends and family and generally consumed a good dose of big city living.

Here’s the highlights:

Revisiting New York City on Flee Fly Flown


–  Egg for breakfast. The biscuits and gravy plus fresh pressed coffee were well worth the wait. Off of Bedford in Brooklyn.

–  Fatty ‘Cue for dinner. A Southeast Asian joint with curious menu items such as coriander custard with toast and bacon. Their cocktails were also quite delectable. Near the Washington Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.

–  Café Colette – I had the Asian salad which was the perfect size for lunch. The décor is bright and homey. I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon writing at their counter.

–  Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck – Since we were on vacation, a little ice cream was definitely in order. I had ginger and the Beau had cinnamon. Delicious!

–  Caracas Arepa Bar – We stopped in at the Manhattan location (they’re in Brooklyn, too). The Venezuelan-style sandwiches were fresh, flavorful and the perfect size for a snack. The fresh mango sauce served as the perfect condiment complement.


–  Brooklyn Brewery – Delicious beer and a great spot. The friend we were visiting works here and gave us the grand tour. There’s a lot happening in the neighborhood! Stop by Brooklyn Bowl after the tour.

–  Harefield Road – It’s like you’ve just stepped off a country road in the Lake District of England and into this charming hole-in-the-wall. Drinks and a delightful patio.


–  Stella Dallas Vintage Clothing & Home – An overwhelming selection of vintage clothes, fabric, accessories, rugs, notions and more. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

–  Tinsel Trading – My new favorite store in Manhattan. Vintage and new notions abound at this amazing trim store. Just around the corner from M&J Trimmings.

–  M&J Trimmings – If you need trim, they have it. Plus, the surrounding area is chock full of bead and ribbon stores. We just made it in before they closed for the day.

–  Purl Soho – A needle-crafter’s heaven. From wool to fabric and needles to notions, this place is amazing. They even have Charley Harper needlepoint patterns. Amazing!


Please respect this vandalism on the streets of Brooklyn

–  Street Art – After seeing the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I was much more aware of the “art” adorning much of Brooklyn. It was almost like walking through a museum where you’re seeing the artist’s you learn about, in person, however the difference is, there’s no map to guide you. You just have to pay attention to your surroundings, or you’ll walk right by.

–  Window Displays – The art of drawing someone into your store just by your wit and creativity in your window display is no small feat. New York is the perfect place to be inspired by just such a talent for drawing people in.

Of course we didn’t check everything off our list, but that’s the beauty of the big city; you’ll always have more to come back for…in fact, my list is growing longer, the more I check off.

Happy trails,

- Colleen

P.S. And of course, many thanks to our friend, Ben and friends, for welcoming us to the neighborhood!