Let’s start by taking a literal approach for getting the shopping inspiration started. The Nutcracker itself evokes a sense of the Holiday spirit and so we’ll start at the beginning of the story, and the object of its inspiration.

Nutcracker Holiday inspiration on Flee Fly FlownIn the story of the Nutcracker, we meet two young children, Clara (a.k.a. Marie in some versions) and Fritz, who are enjoying their parent’s Christmas party. Clara’s godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, a toymaker, presents Clara with a Nutcracker, meant for cracking hazelnuts. Her younger brother breaks the toy trying to crack a walnut, to Clara’s dismay. Drosselmeyer comes to Clara’s rescue and repairs the damage during the festivities. From there, the story continues through a dream Clara has starring her prince, The Nutcracker. More on this later…

So why a ballet about a nutcracker? The version of nutcracker figurine history I found draws German folklore. Nutcrackers were often given as gifts to bring good luck to families and project the home. They represent power and strength, the cycle of life and can serve as a conversation piece around a table of friends. More interesting history here if you care to read on…

Whether you’re decorating your own home for the holidays with vintage Nutcrackers, or bringing a new one as a gift to a friend throwing a holiday party, Nutcracker inspired gifts and decor are a classic holiday accoutrement.

Nutcracker Gift inpiration on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Vintage Wrought Iron Nutcracker, $7.95, Vintage East German Figurines, $12. Irish Santa Nutcracker, $98.20. Middle row: Vintage Rothenthal Nutcracker, $20. Vintage Wooden Santa Nutcracker, $50. Vintage Nautical Nutcracker, $5. Bottom row: Candystripe Nutcracker Ornaments (4), $23.80. Vintage Musketeer Nutcracker, $98. Antique Soldier Nutcracker, $12.

Nutcrackers come in all shapes and sizes. From Stars Wars themed to Disney Characters to the traditional. Here’s the short list of where to pick them up (besides at your local Christmas store):

– Traditional: Erzebirge-Palace
– Themed: Cheap Nutcrackers
– Traditional: Steinbach Christmas Treasures
– Vintage: Etsy
– All things Christmas: Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Nutcracker Cupcake Kit on Flee Fly Flown

And if you really want to take the Nutcracker themed decorating to the next level, Martha Stewart offers some great instructions on making Nutcracker stockings. Or perhaps adorn your hazelnut cupcakes with little soldiers and dancers.

More inspiration coming up!

- Colleen