After the guests go home and the house is quiet, Clara sneaks back out to the tree to check on the Nutcracker her Godfather, Drosselmeyer has given her. As the clock strikes mid-night, strange things begin to happen. Clara is suddenly under attack by an army of rats, ruled by the Rat King. Stranger still, the Nutcracker jumps to life and comes to the rescue of Clara with the help of his toy soldier reinforcements.

Battle of the Rat King

He battles the Rat King and is nearly defeated, but thanks to a lucky blow from Clara’s thrown shoe, the Rat King is slain and the Nutcracker lay still, but luckily, only injured.

So here’s to the men in your life. Whichever male (be it friend, boyfriend, spouse or son) comes to the rescue when you need it the most, below are a few ideas for that special guy’s Christmas gift.

Inspiration for your knight in shining Nutcracker on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Wood Watch, $119. Battles t-shirt, $17.99. Coolest Bike Basket, email for info. 2nd row: LP4 by Ratatat, $9.99 on iTunes. Knit Tie, $62.15. Headphones, $65.00. 3rd row: Puma Sneaker, $85. Fencing Lessons (or something else he’s always wanted to try!). Collared wool sweater, $115. Bottom row: Art! $20. Leather Billfold, $49. Toy Soldier Bowling Pins, $32.

Stay tuned for more inspiration as Clara travels through her own dreams.

- Colleen