Waltz of the Snowflakes on Flee Fly Flown

Photo: Fabrizio Ferri/Courtesy of American Ballet Theater

Once the Rat King has been defeated and the Nutcracker Prince recovers, he and Clara find themselves in a forest of gently falling snow, that waltzes!

Whether you’re decorating with a snow theme, dressing for a party or giving presents that keep the chill away, below you’ll find gift ideas inspired by the ballerinas themselves and that delicate, fluffy white stuff.

Gift inspiration in Snow on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right:Crocheted Snowflakes, $3. Icy Necklace, $38.Votives, $49. 2nd row: Convertible Mittens, $24. Sequin Top, $135. Mug, $32. 3rd row: Snow Ball Maker, $9.50. Candle, $25. Keep Warm Hat, $30. Bottom row: Headband, $8.40. Ballerina Dress, $129. Hand Died Ice Scarf, $150.

Stay warm! More up soon!

- Colleen