As the Arabian dancers exit the stage, Clara and the audience then witness a burst of energy (and high pitched wind instruments) as the Chinese Dance is performed before them. This dance is meant to represent tea.

Arizona Ballet's Chinese Dancer's from the Nutcracker on Flee Fly FlownI happen to have a slight obsession with tea, so I was excited to look for inspiration for today’s post. It is mostly straight-up tea inspired, but you’ll also find Asian inspired prints, bracelets made out of vintage china tea cups, my favorite tea (amazing hot or cold) and the best invention ever, an electric tea kettle.

China and Tea inspiration from the Nutcracker Suite on Flee Fly Flown
Top row, left to right: Tea Cup Bracelet, $25. Nutcracker Set of 4, $39.96. Gold Vintage Tea Set, $60. Second row: Chinese Symbols 2011 Calendar, $16. Electric Kettle, $49.95. Asian Tea Set Rings, $20. Third row: Zen Glass Teapot, $49.95. Lantern Art Print, $30. SPORTea (citrusy & delicious), $7.95+. Bottom row: Asian Print Clutch, $32.90. Make a Tea Cozy, $3.50 email PDF. Tea & Crumpets Book, $19.95.

And don’t forget to warm up with some tea as you’re wrapping (or shopping for) gifts!

- Colleen