Inspiration using ginger, for mothers and the clowns in your life. From the Nutcracker on Flee Fly FlownAs the pleasant interlude of the Mirliton dance finishes, Mother Ginger enters the stage with her polichinelles (sometimes clowns, sometimes candy) to joke and play around the stage.

I’ve broken this inspiration into 3 literal interpretations and have taken it a bit beyond classic gift inspiration in the case of ginger. So take a look and hopefully you’ll get a few ideas!

Feeling ginger:

– Mix a Moscow Mule in a copper mug for friends & family before dinner.
– Pick-up or order a pack of Vernor’s Ginger Ale for the kids (and adults!).
– Serve Gingerbread Cake for dessert.
Ginger preserves to spice up a recipe! (Can be found in local grocers)

For the Mothers:

Inspiration for Moms this Christmas on Flee Fly Flown

– A trip to the spa for the lady of the house. (Or bring the spa to her.)
– For the avid reader, even the un-techiest of moms can navigate an eReader.
– Girls night! Give the gift of musician, play, movie or musical and take her to the show!
– Sometimes the best gift is simply time. Know a mother with little ones? How about giving the gift of some time off? Give a babysitting voucher (as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into).

And for the clowns, big or small:

Silly gifts for the clowns in your life on Flee Fly Flown

Clockwise: Joke Props, $4. Bearded Beanie Hat, $30.99. Whoopee Cushion, $12. Doody Head Game, $14.

Just a few more shopping posts to go! Hopefully your shopping is going well!

- Colleen