As the flowers finish their waltz and exit the stage, the celebration winds down with the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Prince performing a final Pas de Deux. I love the music in this movement. If you’re interested, take a listen and a look in the video below.

Since a Pas de Deux is a duet in ballet, I’ve picked out some gifts that could be paired  together. Whether for a host of a party, your sister or your other half, hopefully there’s one or two ideas below that might work for your Christmas shopping.

Nuts, $3.69 + Nutcracker, $22.

nutcracker inspired paired gift on Flee Fly Flown for the holidays.

Cook Book, $29. + Apron, $29.75
Paired gifts for Christmas on Flee Fly Flown

iPad + Case, $90.
iPad plus carrying case on Flee Fly Flown

, $26.95 + Wine

wine pairing for the holidays on Flee Fly Flown

Cribbage Board, $18.99 + Playing Cards

Cribbage and cards on Flee Fly Flown

Cheezzzy Corn, $7.95 + Movie, $16.99

Movie night gifts for the Holiday on flee fly flown

Last up, Christmas morning…coming soon!

- Colleen