The final movement of The Nutcracker Ballet revisits all of the previous movements and all the dancers come together to bid farewell to Clara as she journeys back through her dreams to find herself asleep in her family’s living room, near the tree on Christmas morning.

The Finale of the Nutcracker Ballet on Flee Fly Flown

For my final list of inspiration and gift ideas, I’m deviating from the theme and simply listing things I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree with my name on the card. I’ve been fairly good this year, so hopefully I won’t simply be receiving coal.

My Wishlist:

Flee Fly Flown's personal Christmas wish list

Top row, left to right: Hand Stitched Human Eye Art, $85. A trip to Somewhere warm. A Rear Rack for my bicycle, $32.(And a bag to go with it!). Middle row: A new carry-on bag by Amy Butler. Momiji Pin Cushion Figurine, $24. Tree necklace, $65. Bottom row: Subscription to Fine Line Magazine, $34+shipping. Milwaukee Art Museum Membership. Tap shoes (All this talk of dancing makes me want to do some of my own)!

Here’s hoping!

- Colleen