I know I said I’d be back next week, but Mike shared a link with me today that lead me to more cool inspiration so I just had to pass it along in case, like me, you’re not one of the thousands who’ve already seen/heard Pogo’s amazing movie, and now city, remixes.

Take a look at the sights and sounds of Johannesburg, South Africa, re-mixed by Pogo, an award winning “remix artist” who gained fame for his creation of music from slicing and dicing popular movies.

I learned about what Pogo (Nick Bertke) was doing from KickStarter where he’s seeking support for his creative endeavor. It’s a really cool project. Give it some thought and perhaps support it. It’s another way to escape, creatively, while providing exposure to amazing places.

And finally, since I had a bit of an obsession with “A Little Princess” for a good long time (still do!?), I had to share Pogo’s remix of it. It feels like a more adult version of the movie, so it’s o.k. to watch again, right? Or at least to enjoy the artistry. And definitely check out more of his work, so neat!

(It’s better quality video if you watch on youtube!)

Amazing work, Nick!

- Colleen