Our eyes and ears seem to be in complete sensory overload these days while our fingers and noses have been sorely missing out. We hide behind computer screens where we watch videos of other people doing interesting things instead of doing anything ourselves. We download music with the click of a button instead of picking up a record or cd and putting it in it’s place, turning up the volume, sitting and listening.

The duo, Martin Bone and Kara Johnson, wrote a book, I Miss My Pencil, that examines and helps others re-discover those sensory and experiential elements of life that are being left by the wayside faster and faster as technology takes over. One  I personally don’t plan to ever give up are books. I will miss the smell and feel of books, should they become extinct.

Watch this video (see? more time in front of the computer) to see how they’ve worked with IDEO to re-connect with the music experience. Using technology they return to the physicality of sensory experience instead of adding to the separation that technology can often create.

So now that you’ve spent a little more time in front of the computer, get out there and experience something for yourself.


- Colleen

P.S. Thanks, Mike, for sharing this with me!