A friend of mine, Trenni, is away for three weeks volunteering and exploring India through Cross Cultural Solutions. She’s situated in Delhi and working at a school where she’s learning just as much as the kids she encounters. She’s escaped, creatively, for the good.

Trenni is also sharing her experiences through a local daily online magazine as she goes. Follow along on her journey…

There are a few things about Delhi that I found out within minutes that are indisputable.

“First, driving through traffic is like walking a tightrope during a tornado with the warning siren blaring the entire time. You are pretty much flirting with death from start to finish, and hoping your driver’s horn blares loud enough to ensure your safety. Lanes, although marked, are ignored. At all times you are maneuvering around people, cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, and sometimes an emaciated cow.

“Two, the pollution is breathtaking, and not in a good way. There is constant haze over the city that does not burn off as the day wears on.

“Three, the history and architecture is like none I’ve ever seen and spans thousands and thousands of years. Today (Sunday) we visited the Lotus temple which was built in the early 1980s and the Humayun Tomb which dates back to the 1500s.”

Follow along as she posts updates about her big adventure HERE.

Happy Tuesday!

- Colleen