Just in time for Valentine’s Day and all the love that implies, the Urban Outfitters Corporation (those responsible for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and more) are spreading the love today with the launch of their latest lifestyle brand, BHLDN.

For those ladies who receive a sparkly diamond instead of chocolate or flowers from Cupid today, they can now turn to BHLDN for their wedding style needs. From wedding gowns to bridesmaids, shoes, hair adornments and more, the newly launched site is sure to thrill the lady in love with the little details and styles of bygone eras. Best of all the price points seem fairly reasonable compared to similar options like J.Crew.

Launched today, full of inspiration and items ready for purchase, I look forward to further additions and ideas!

And whether or not you’re engaged or even attached, I hope Cupid is good to you today!

- Colleen