Laura Marling Album on Flee Fly FlownI’ve been very much enjoying the sounds of British folk singer/songwriter Laura Marling this winter season. She was first recommended to me by my new British friends when I traveled to France in the fall. She took a little warming up to for me, but I have grown to really enjoy her sound. Her strong lyrics sung by her lovely voice, are set against mostly mellow melodies and are wonderful for a cold winter’s day (although I’m really routing for Spring right now!).

Take a listen and have a look at her website. She’s got an interesting video posted that introduces her, her approach and her music a bit better than I have. And speaking of India, she recently traveled there with Mumford & Sons. Check out the additional videos to catch glimpses of her experiences there along with her latest music videos.

Laura Marling Video on Flee Fly Flown

Welcome to March!

- Colleen