I was lucky enough to receive the gift of dance for Christmas from Mike this year, in the form of a gift certificate to one of my favorite local dance studios. I decided to take a tap class since it’s the form of dance in which I have the least experience. When I switched studios at age 13, I had to sacrifice tap since the new studio didn’t have it.

So, here we are, 15ish years later and I’m back in tap. I guess it’s one way to stay distracted until spring decides to finally arrive.

Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth tapping it out:

A young Savion Glover showing off his moves to the ladies:

And a little, random inspiration…

Tap inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right:Chiffon Skirt, $42. Vintage Top Hat, $139. Leg Warmers, $45. Middle row: Blazer, $118. Oxford Flats, $38. Cropped Pleated Trousers, $59-79. Bottom row:Cropped Legging, $14. Dapper Penguin Tee, $42.99. Vintage Flower Brooch, $20.

Keep those feet moving towards Spring!

- Colleen