Mother Nature certainly has taken the April Showers concept pretty seriously so far (at least where I’m at). We’ve had gray days, rain, lightning, thunder and hail, and it’s only the fifth! Although, I will say, today is a bit sunnier. But at this rate, I better receive a personal bouquet come May from Madame Nature.

After the Hail on Flee Fly Flown
{Perhaps I should have worn different shoes on Sunday?}

So to kick off the April Posts…here’s my ode of inspiration to said showers as I dream of sunnier, more floral filled days to come.

Top row, left to right: MacIntosh Rain Jacket, $159.99. Vintage Umbrella, $18. Lightning Necklace, $24. Middle row: Rain Puddles Vintage Book Print, $8. Wooden Mobile, $45. Bottom row: Silver Lining Ring, $23. Retro-style Lace-up Wellies, £50.

Happy puddle jumping!

- Colleen