I may have overdone it a little on my plant purchases but they were all so tempting and they looked so little! I was planning to only buy 1 tomato plant and two jalapenos yesterday at the farmer’s market, but ended up with 3 tomatoes (2 varieties) and 2 jalapenos. Then, when I got back to the office…we found leftover seeds from our window garden (Mint, Cilantro & Dill). I planted those too. Oops. We’ll see how many survive. This is my first year with tomatoes and I’m a little concerned about how much light they’ll get since this is an indoor container garden.

I potted the jalapenos last night along with planting the seeds in a starter tray. I’ll be hitting the flea markets on Sunday to hopefully find suitable containers for the tomatoes. Wish me luck!

Whatever your plans this weekend, enjoy the long holiday weekend. Hopefully there’s a little sunshine in your forecast.

Happy planting,

- Colleen

P.S. I forgot to mention! Instead of boring you with a show & tell every time I finish a new baby receiving blanket, I’ve created a small gallery called Hatchling which is linked at the top next to the About link. Check it out periodically, I’ve been busy!