I like to eat and I like to cook. But I do far less of the latter since it’s usually cooking for one or two and then eating left overs for a week. I am, however, making a concerted effort to change my bad, non-cooking habits. To help inspire me, I’ve pulled together some table-top and kitchen supplies that I wouldn’t mind having, to aid in my culinary pursuits (or just make the meal look prettier).

Top row, left to right: Oceanic Dinnerware, $14-24. Wooden Bowls, $48-98. Kensington Gardens Apron, $39.99.  Middle row: Italian Ceramic Divided Salt Box, $39.95. 5 1/4 Qt.Le Creuset French Oven, $240. Bottom row: French butter crock, $23. Swedish Cheese Board, $80. Glass Spigot, $298.

Next up…worldy weekly menu.

Bon appetit!

- Colleen