This weekend I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite NPR shows, A Prairie Home Companion, was being broadcast live from just outside my hometown at Interlochen Arts Academy.

I immediately called my parents to tell them to tune in, only to discover (later) that they were at the show. I was jealous but it was appropriate since my dear old Dad was the one who introduced me to the show in the first place. During my teen years we’d be driving back from the cabin on a Sunday afternoon and he would tune in to the show. A lot of it was too cheesy for me then, but I’ve come to embrace that corny side of the show and now it feels like home. So this is my round about way of saying that I definitely spent the weekend thinking of and being grateful for one of the (too many) little things (to count) that my dad has exposed me to. And now, I really want to go to a live broadcast of a radio show.

Here’s a clip if you’re interested:

Click this link to hear and see more of the highlights (Clair de Lune for sure)!

- Colleen